About Commercial Support

handshakeCompanies are permitted to sponsor or financially support professional continuing educational activities as long as they do not control the content in any way. Content must promote improvements or quality of care, be based in science, and give a balanced view of therapeutic options. Content may not promote a specific proprietary business interest but may be related in a general way to an area of practice in which the company has an interest. Product- specific advertisements may not be part of a continuing education activity, and educational materials may not contain advertising, a single trade name, or product-group message.

An individual who has control over content and who has a relevant financial relationship with a commercial interest shall disclose that relationship to learners. The source of support from commercial interest(s) shall also be disclosed to learners. This information shall be provided at the beginning of the activity.

At Nurse’s NotebookTM reviewers specifically assess content for basis in science, a balanced view of therapeutic options when a specific option is presented, and any bias in the information provided. Disclosures are provided at the beginning of each continuing education activity.

If you have any questions or concerns about commercial support, please use the Contact Us form.

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