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This is a general overview of the site and how the educational programs are set up. There is also additional information under FAQ/Help at the top of the page. For a quick reference guide, click here.


Each educational activity is called a course, and all the components for learning, assessment, and evaluation are contained in the course. You can click here for a  brief description of the courses available. You must register and login for each course; this allows us to collect the information required for our nursing continuing education approval.


Registration lets us recognize you and keep a record of courses you have taken and successfully completed. We like to think of it as becoming a member of the Nurse’s Notebook learning community. During registration, you will choose a username; this is the name that will be printed on your certificate — so don’t choose a typical username such as your first initial and last name. You may use a space between your first and last name and add credentials if you like. Just make a note of what you chose. Next is your e-mail address. We use the e-mail address as the unique identifier for each learner so we don’t need your social security number, license number or other sensitive information. To make things easy, you will not have to access e-mail and click on a link in order to continue after you register, but we will send you a confirmation. We recommend you keep that e-mail so you can return for future CE offerings.

After your e-mail, there’s a simple math question so we know you are not a robot trying to spam the site.  You will then select your own password. Please do not use a password that you use for other sites such as for banking or credit cards. While we do our best to keep the site secure, we cannot guarantee your password will never be hacked.


After you register, you will be directed to a log-in page. Type your username and password and click “log in.”  Once you are logged in, you will be able to see your name in the right margin under You’re logged in as. In addition, the LOG-IN link in the menu at the top of the page will change to LOG-OUT.

Select Course

Once you are registered with us and logged in, you can then choose the course you want to take. Click on COURSES in the menu at the top of the page. After the description and the price, click on the link. This will take you to the course home page.  Click on the lesson to begin.

Finish Course and Earn CreditHolding NN certificate small

Once you finish the lesson(s), you still have two more steps. First is an evaluation, in which you tell us how we are doing with our work. We use your feedback to develop future programs and modify those that already exist. The other is a quiz or post test that allows us to  assess your knowledge and whether you are able to meet the learning objectives described at the beginning of the activity. If there is more than one lesson, these will be listed at the end of the final lesson(s). You must take the evaluation first, and then the quiz / post-test. If you try to take the knowledge assessment first, you will get an error message.

The knowledge assessment consists of  multiple choice  or matching questions; each has one correct answer. If an answer is incorrect, you’ll get a message with the page numbers to review. Make a note of these while you go through the quiz for self-study. When you pass, you’ll be directed to a page with a link to your certificate. This is the time to print it. If you are at a computer that is not connected to a printer, you can log-on from a different computer, choose YOUR PROFILE from the top menu, and you’ll see the link to the certificate there.

Enjoy the learning!

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