Rate Medical Knowledge Doubles

surpriseNot only is continuing education an important aspect of professional practice, but it is also essential for safety. According to an article discussing the challenges facing medical education,

  • In 1950 it took 50 years to double medical knowledge
  • In 1980, it took 7 years
  • In 2010, it took 3.5 years
  • In 2020 the projection is that it will take 73 days

Half of what a 20-year-old knows today will be obsolete in ten years according to the Johns Hopkins School of Education.

Now more than ever, knowing where to find information is far more important than memorizing these rapidly-changing facts.

Do you remember when…

  • Average length of stay after open heart surgery was 14 days?
  • Bicarb was standard during resuscitation for cardiac arrest?
  • Antibiotics were delayed until the sputum for culture was collected?
  • HIV infection was a death sentence?
  • Pluto was a planet? :-)

Add what you remember in the comments section.

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